About Us

About BaoProduct.com
BaoProduct being the most trusted and highest rated professional online shopping agent for the biggest online market. Started at 2012, our goal is to help buyers buying Chinese products. BaoProduct also provides ShipForMe (forwarding service), shipping products to multinational corporations and individuals across-the-board with fast, cheap, and reliable service. Besides these services, if you are looking for drop shipping service, BaoProduct also can be your first choice.

What we can do for you?
If you are looking for women's clothing, men's clothing, computer and other stuff, all you need is to use BaoProduct! We accept all different payment method, including foreign credit card and PayPal, WebMoney, QiWi, WesternUnion, Wire transfer. BaoProduct is the biggest online shopping taobao agent.

BuyForMe - All you need to do is hand us the product URL, then submit parcels after the products from the Taobao seller and wait for the shipment. 

ShipForMe - Already bought something? No problem, you can send it to our warehouse and we will ship for you. 

Drop ship With BaoProduct:
There are no special requirements to become a member (drop shipper). Anyone can start. Simply create an account and place orders with your customer's delivery address so we can ship it directly to them. You can choose the products from taobao, JD,1688 and other Chinese websites. If you couldn't find them, we will help you to contact with the factory for bulk.

You sell products in your online store or other platform, and we ship the products directly to your customers from our wholesale drop-ship warehouse in China. Normally, when you source from Chinese manufacturers, you need to hire expensive quality control professionals to inspect the goods. BaoProduct also takes care of this job for you, so you don't have to worry about the quality and focus on selling.

Why choose BaoProduct?
-- Lowest service fee &wholesale factory direct pricing
-- High-end technology support, 1-click-order.
-- No language barrier
-- Insurance policy to insure your package safety
-- Multilingual cheaper shipping methods and payment methods

Wholesale Factory-direct pricing
You might wonder why the prices in BaoProduct are so low. The reason is simple: we source all our products directly from factories in bulk and offer it to you at lowest prices. Besides the low prices, we also help you break down the language and cultural barriers as well as high minimum order quantities that entrepreneurs face when they try to source themselves from China. You also can use PayPal and credit card at our website. We give you the factory price with no extra charge. You can also buy one piece for your first time shopping.

180 days free storage time
As a shopping taobao agent, we provide you with free storage of your packages at our warehouse for up to 180 days. With this free storage, international shoppers have a lot of time to well enjoy their China online shopping and there is no need to hurry. You can arrange your package shipping time according to your own schedule.

Inspect products quality for you
We have many experienced QC assistant help you to check your products. This is for free.In order to guarantee your products quality. If there are flaw products, we will ask the factory to change them in time.

English Speaking  Customer Support
BaoProduct support staff all speak and write fluent in English and available to answer your pre-sales and after sales questions. Simply open a ticket in our support area or click in the live chat to contact with us.